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Jersey Girl In Canada Interviews Kaiyzer, Pudgee and DJ Mr. Phantastik!

Hey readers!

I had the opportunity to interview Kaiyzer, Pudgee, and DJ Mr. Phantastik via email on their latest project! Check it out:


JGIC: Hey guys!  What's this new project about?
K: The project is called “Pens-N-Needles”. Tight raps, emcees and beats. Since Pudgee and I are from the old school we wanted to do songs that are for the DJ’s (get it, turntables [needles]), and at the same time show how deadly one can be with the pens. Hence Pens-N-Needles. Everybody’s going in hard with their own styles and making great music together.

The project has nothing but bangers on it. Phantastik has a second meaning to this:

·`Workin’"- featuring: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik. Produced by NewYorkOutlaw. It’s a track about how everybody works hard in their own ways. The grind is a beautiful thing and its good to share our grinds with the public. Jersey Girl, you remember previously said that I was going to retire from the mic and just stick to the business side of things. But, “I tried to retire, but they forced me back in the booth”  By the way, remixes are already in the works!!!
(*JGIC: I am so glad you changed your mind, Kaiyz!)

· "No Te Quiero"- featuring: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard aka Tracey Adam, Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik and a gentleman by the named John Michael. Another production by NewYorkOutlaw. As soon as I heard this beat, I sent it to the homies and the rest was history on this one. This track is about the homies having enough with their Ex’s and are moving on to bigger and better things and that we aren’t coming back to them. Each lady didn’t want us while we were on the grind and now that we are doing better without them, they want us back. We are done with the lies and drama!
(*JGIC: Good move, dudes! You stand by your man or woman even when things aren't ideal- good things are worth toughing it out for in the end!)

· "Gala"- featuring: Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik and Mr. Klutch. Produced by Kaiyzernomics own Alexander Dedov out of Russia. The beat is Soul-meets-Gospel-meets-Hip Hop. The track is a song toasting the legends, glorifying the struggle of getting to where we are now. Phantastik is showing love to his favorites in his lyrics. Klutch is showing love to the Kaiyzernomics movement and what it meant and did for his career. Kaiyzer: Letting the world know that I am leaving the microphone and doing what I do but in the back ground. “No more working the boards. I’m now on the Board of Directors cutting checks up.”

· "Oh Yeah I Run It"- Produced by NewYorkOutlaw; features will be a surprise

· "The Revival"- Another production by Alexander Dedov. Featuring: Paul Lipsey, Ronster BGR and Kaiyzer. This track is a about a lyrical revival. Everybody went in!

· "L.H.M."- This one here features DJ Mr. Phantastik and Kaiyzer. This track is one that the people will interact with for real.

JGIC: Who is part of the new project? 
Kaiyzer – @TheRealKaiyzer
Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard – @Pudgeethaphat
DJ Mr. Phantastik – @djmrphantastik
Paul Lipsey @Paullipsey
Ronster BGR ( she’s from East London) – @Ronster_BGR
Mr. Klutch – @Official_Klutch
we got a few others as well.

Production by:
NewYorkOutlaw @NewYorkOutlawz
Alexander Dedov @AlexanderDedov
Myke Forte @MykeForte (UK)

JGIC: How long did it take to complete?
K: We are four songs in and three to go, we will be done in the next few weeks. Hopefully we get this project out by years end to the beginning of the new year.
DJ MP: Not long at all. About a month an a half. We all have our own respected studios so it made it easy for us to get work done. 

JGIC: Where can we download it?
K: The first hit single “WORKIN’” is available for $0.99 on
It will be available on iTunes soon. 
DJ MP: It will be available on all major downloading networks (iTunes, Google Play..etc)

JGIC:  How can fans reach you via social media?
Twitter: @djmrphantastik 
Instagram: @djmrphantastik
Soundcloud: djmrphantastik

Follow on Twitter: @TheRealKaiyzer
Follow on Instagram: KaiyzerTheGreat

Instagram@ Traceyadammusic
Facebook:  Tracey Adam
YouTube: Tracey Adam

Twitter: @pudgeethaphat
Instagram: @pudgeethaphatbastard
Facebook: Pudgee Thaphatbastard
YouTube: Pudgee Thaphatbastard

JGIC: Anything else you would like to add?
DJ MP: Thanks for the love in advance. And download everything that is associated with our names so you can catch up to speed with our movement. 

K: First and foremost I give praises to the Most High for allowing me to still be here and making great music with great people.

Shout out to all the followers, fans, bloggers, DJ’s, emcees, femcees who are showing us love.

Much respect to BGR (@Ronster_BGR), once she sent me the new single off of her RednBlack mixtape, I said I gotta reach out to her and make it happen. Two emails later her people and I chopped it up and the rest is history. She loved my verse on Workin’, I greatly appreciate it. She get nothing but love from me! Check he video out and music at

Peace to my brother Paul Lipsey (@Paullipsey), we have been grinding together since the 90’s. Even when I left the business for 16 years, we picked up and started where we left off. He’s working on a serious of mixtapes and has numerous releases as well.

Shout out to TDS Records in Australia, DS Stanlee has been supportive since my return to the music. He recently signed a few artists from the previsou Kaiyzernomics mixtapes and just released the US/Canada/Asutralian collaborative album called Global Scale, the project is dope.Some of my favorites on that project are: Easy-okokok by Canadas own Jblizz (@JBlizz905) and Prez-P (1_Prez_P).  OOOPS (Another Way) by Paul Lipsey.  Word Around Town featuring Phantastik, Mr. Klutch and Enotez.
I like all the records on the project, too many to list here.

Shout out to JBlizz and The Illish team (@ILLISHCLOTHING on Instagram). We’re about to do somethings!

Shout out to the producers on this project!

Twitter: @MykeForte
IG: mykeforte

Twitter: @AlexanderDedov

JGIC: Thank you for your time, and looking forward to hearing more from you!

Life Lessons: Never Underestimate The Lessons You Can Learn From Kid-ults.

Hey readers!
  I looked back on blogs I've (thankfully) saved from my old Myspace page and found this... more like a Myspace blog I re-blogged on Facebook and that's how I saved it.  I gotta warn you, I've always jumped from one topic to the next, but in my mind, it was all connected.. and by looking at the dates written, yes I'm aging myself, but whatever-  30 is the new 21.  Enjoy!
31 Oct 2007
I was reading all of my old blogs, and have bumped into this one that hit home that I had written when I was 21:
"17 Dec 2005

IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER... Current mood:  contemplative

I just typed out something, worked super hard on it, tried to preview it, then it just randomly erased itself?  Could I have saved it? Don't think so... I have to start ALL over again on a clean slate.  Would I have used the same material?  I wish I could. I am just too lazy to try to get it back right now- sound familiar? 

 I bet it reminds you of things in your everyday life. You make the wrong moves, thinking they're the right ones, then regret it after.  Knowing this, you still keep making the same moves rather than learn
from the last time it has happened and end up in the same mess.  Kinda like going to the dentist with a cavity, getting it filled, then eating a shitload of candy afterwards, just making a new cavity, rather than taking care of that tooth, to make sure it stays strong. 

That's the kind of shit that will eventually build up and take it's toll, turning you into a insomniac, not being able to eat, just drink away those thoughts, pass out and wake up with a massive hangover. 

To avoid this, think hard before you make a move- like in chess.  Life is like a game of chess- make the wrong moves and you're fucked. Learn from the mistakes you have made in the previous games so that eventually you will win... yeah I know I'm ranting about randomness.. oh well... signing off- toodaloo!!"

I am impressed on how clear I was thinking back then, even making mistakes after that. We're only human, right?  

Just reading this blog, it's proof that you shouldn't just blow someone's opinion off because of their lack of experience in life compared to you.

I read another blog that I wrote entirely about Pogs, koosh balls, and my other favorites of the 1990s.  It reminded me of how simple life was, back when I was 9 or 10 years old.  When I had a problem, I would distract myself with all the cool stuff in front of me, and focus solely on having fun at that moment.  

What do we do as adults?

I just like this picture. Deal with it.
We sulk, eat a tub of cookie dough ice cream, while watching re-runs of The OC.  

The better way to deal with problems is to evaluate them at a time when you're calm and collected.  Making decisions while you're angry could lead to regret in the end.

Being productive is a better way of distracting yourself from  problems.   If you work, make sure you're there 15 minutes early, and that you do the job right.  If you go to school, same thing.  Homework?  Make realistic deadlines for each hour to break down your assignments, include a break for dinner, so you can submit it on time, without lacking too much sleep.  

Have allergies?  Vacuum your house, do laundry, throw out trash, recycle, get rid of dust.  Feng Shui your space; Clutter, especially stuffed animals, can attract and house more allergins than you can be comfortable knowingly living with. 

To-do lists are a big help as well.  Before you go to bed at night, try to plan the next day, from waking up until you go to bed.  This is especially good if you have problems going to sleep at night because you always think too much about what you have to do the next day. 

Problems are just a part of life; it's how we DEAL with them is what's important.  It is vital for our sanity, especially since adulthood is already complex enough without the bullshit.  

Anyways, if you're ever feeling down,  you're entitled to have a bad hour.  Just know where to draw the line and get on with the rest of your day... and always go to bed with a clear mind!



... and that was how I thought back then... 


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We Are Our Own Biggest Bullies

Hey readers!

  I always thought October was Bullying Prevention month, like how it was last year, but now I'm hearing it's Domestic Violence Awareness month?? I thought that was next month?  Oh well, here at Jamsterdam Radio, we'll stick to October being Bullying Prevention month, just to keep things consistent.

  Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about the stories I've heard about bullies, and have even reflected on my own experiences: being bullied by other females when I was in high school, as well as putting up with stupid exes who have treated me badly to the point of mental/emotional/sexual abuse (when I was 20), as well as put up with exes friends who have treated me like absolute shit after the breakups, I've realized that the biggest bullies could be even closer than we'd think- not just friends, or even family... at times, life gets so hard, that we start to bully ourselves.  We are in fact, our own worst critics.

  When you make a mistake, do you ever call yourself  "stupid"?  When you look in the mirror, do you find yourself nitpicking at all your physical "flaws"?  When you survive traumatic events, do you automatically blame yourself for being at the wrong place at the wrong time?  Do you compare yourself to others and envy what they have, as opposed to being grateful of the great things you have in your life?  Do you find yourself constantly living in the past, having too much hope for the future, as opposed to ever being present in the moment in front of you?

  If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, it's time to make some changes- it's time to treat yourself better. No one is perfect.  Even those who seem to have it all have something they wish deep down that they had.  Even if you don't see why, someone out there would kill to have a quality that you have.

  Even if you think you're not beautiful or smart, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone you've come
across thinks you're absolutely incredible in your own unique way.  Being unique is a very good thing- makes you stand out in a crowd of clones.  Try looking at yourself in the mirror like you usually do, and rather than rip your looks apart, try focusing on the things you do like about yourself- you know you like at least one thing about yourself- everyone has something they're proud of, whether internal or external.  Embrace what you love.

  You blame yourself for traumatic events in your life?  Please stop doing that to yourself.  Beating yourself up will not change the past, nor will it make things easier- it could actually make things worse for you.  

  In terms of living in the past or future, you're allowing precious moments in the present time pass you by.  Embrace these moments- make new memories.  Experience life.  I think of all the parents out there who have lost their children due to illness, accidents, or even stillbirth or miscarriages, and these precious lives never got to see half of the things you get to see because they weren't with us long enough to do so.  Be grateful for your life and live for great experiences, as opposed to trying to "kill time" all the time.  We tend to take life for granted, and it has to stop.

  Why can't you be kinder to yourself?  Are your thoughts highly influenced by others? Is it all in your head?  Did past experiences scar you for life to the point where you believe you're only worth being talked down to?

  Life is too goddamned short to beat yourself up, or eat up other people's negative energy they try to throw your way.  Just play dodge ball with that kind of energy.  The people that surround you want to be negative and drag you down?  Get new friends that will uplift you.  Why can't we celebrate other people's accomplishments, as opposed to want to take them down?  Naturally, many humans (well, I noticed this particular force is strong in the Toronto area) don't want anyone doing better than them- so the hater nation just keeps expanding.  Know you're better than this kind of bullshit attitude.  If others want to possess this negative energy, then that's their prerogative.

  Anyway, I just felt like writing this message to whoever reads this because I find we need to learn to be kinder to ourselves.  If, as individuals we do that, this world would be a far better place.


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Jersey Girl In Canada Interviews Will Marr of The Posts!

Hey readers!

The Posts, L-R: James, Will, Ian. 
  I recently had the chance to sit down with Will Marr, formerly of illScarlett, who is now part of the Mississauga-based band, The Posts, and talk to him about everything from reggae, The Posts' upcoming album release party, groupies, to John Lennon.  Here's the bulk of the interview.  You can hear the full interview plus a few tunes from their upcoming self-entitled debut album before it's even released, if you tune in right here on Jamsterdam at 5pm EST all week!


JGIC: This is Jersey Girl in Canada on Jamsterdam Radio.  I am here with Will from The Posts.  How are you doing?

WM: I'm alright. <insert awkward silence here>

JGIC: Okay! That wasn't awkward!

WM: We could make it more awkward if you like.

JGIC: Let's do it.

WM: Pants off- that makes it less awkward.

JGIC: Well, we're in a sushi place- I don't know if they'd appreciate that.

WM: You don't think? I'd appreciate it!  If someone like me were to walk in and take my pants off, I think I'd love it! <laughs>

JGIC: <laughs>

WM: You don't agree?  Alright.

JGIC: So, I've got a question: Who are the Posts?  Who is your band?

WM:  Right now, we're nobody, but soon we're gonna be somebody.  Basically we're just three really good friends, two of my other producer friends, Ian and James got together and we decided to make a passion project: play classic rock music, music that we grew up with and liked- completely against the trend- to see if it might actually work.  That's who we are.

JGIC: Awesome. How did you come up with the band's name?

WM: They kinda had it already.  They were doing some writing for some synch music and they needed to create "a band" for their publishers.  They needed to create some sort of "fake band", so they created a band called The Posts.  I was writing a lot of original music at the time, and I was showing it to them, so we decided to make it a real band.

JGIC: Nice! There is a very different sound between illScarlett and The Posts. What's the story behind the transition?

WM: I don't know- I never liked reggae. <laughs>

JGIC: Are you serious!? What?

WM: Okay, okay- I listened to Sublime when I was 13,14,15.  By the time I joined illScarlett I was like 21, 22, and I don't know- I guess the sound was hot or whatever, but I wasn't ever really listening to it- I like rock music.  I like The Beatles. I like everything from The Beatles, to The Rolling Stones, to Zepplin to Aerosmith. New bands, I like The Strokes... you know, I like that kind of music- it's what I feel comfortable playing, so that's what I'm making right now.  As far is illScarlett goes: it was fun!  Making punk/reggae/pop music, I fell into it.  We all created our own brand out of it so it was fun.  It's definitely not something I would turn on, or ever recreate.

JGIC: You coulda fooled me and probably everybody else who listened to illScarlett back in the day!

WM: Yeah,  I'm good at fooling people.

JGIC:... Okay then! <laughs>

WM: Ask any of my exes.

JGIC: Well, I guess this isn't making it on the radio! <laughs> Okay- you guys (The Posts) have an album release party on October 10th at Sneaky Dee's.  Who else is playing that night, what time do doors open, and how much are tickets?

WM: Tickets are $10, $12 at the door.  I've got Tomahawk Love from Streetsville playing, The Gentlemen Thieves, also from Mississauga, and I got my boy Jarek Hardy from The Johnstones opening up with his solo stuff.

JGIC: Love them!  Never heard his solo stuff, but definitely looking forward to it!

Will in his iLL days, rocking those dreads.
WM: He's great!  If you wanna hear any of his songs, you can check out, he's got a song up on there, a sampler CD, along with a bunch of other great bands, and doors are open at 9, or maybe 10... I don't know... get there for 9.

JGIC: That's good to know because I wouldn't have known.

WM: Yeah, well, maybe I'll start advertising that soon- people should know when to get there, eh? <laughs>

JGIC: I guess?

WM: I suppose- if you wanna catch any of this! I wanna do my job properly advertising the show! <laughs>

JGIC: What will the first single be off the album and why?

WM: Oh, boy.  They're all singles.  Every single song is great. I mean, they're all songs about having a good times, having fun, girls... sex...

JGIC: All the good stuff... you're not writing songs about food?? What are you talking?

WM: No... my god.. that's the next album- for sure! <laughs>

JGIC: Good! <laughs>

WM: I mean, fan favorites, already- we played 5 shows- the first track, "Hey, Hey Honey"- people seem to
love it.  It's just a fun, fast.. sing-along.  They're all sing-alongs so by the time you hear the song once, you'll be singing the chorus.

JGIC: Yay!

WM: That's what I do!

JGIC: What are some of the highlights of your career as a musician?

WM: Oh, for sure... traveling the world.  I've been to great places: Germany- got our (illScarlett) album out there in 2008, went there 3 times- every time was fantastic.  Japan was awesome too.  I mean, those are memories that don't go away, even with all my excessive drinking and drugs- I still remember them!  I shouldn't, but I do! <laughs> That's great! Shit..

JGIC: Favorite artists?

WM: Yeah, I have a bunch- one month- it's The Beatles, the next is The Rolling Stones.. I like rock music.  The Beach Boys were my very first concert back in 1989- my mom took me..

JGIC: Aww!

WM: I remember I had all their tapes- I'd listen to them all the time.  Two years later, I went to my first Aerosmith concert and they turned into my favorite band.  I went through 5 years where I'd only listen to punk music: NOFX, Strungout, all those... went to Warped Tour- loved all that.. Now that I'm older, it comes back to it- it's all the old favorite rock bands that... (turns to people in the background making noise) Shhh!! <laughs>

JGIC: <laughs>

WM: Sorry- had to tell these people to shut up!

JGIC: This is the golden question I ask all bands: I have seen one too many guys, especially musicians with jealous girlfriends.  How do you deal with the groupies?

WM: Sleep with them. All of them. No I'm joking. <laughs>

JGIC: I was gonna say!! Uhh... Every last one of them! <laughs>

WM: Is that wrong? No, you only sleep with some of them. <laughs> no.. Don't have a girlfriend.  Plenty of solutions: if you're young, and you're out there and you're doing it (music), it's probably not a good idea to be seeing somebody because I mean, a lot of traveling in any business -with anything- it doesn't mean just being a musician, you meet people, and you usually end up sleeping with them. <laughs>

JGIC: Always wrap it up, kids. Wrap it up!

WM: Yeah, wrap it up!

JGIC: Maybe double wrap it in some cases! If you could form a dream tour with artists, deceased or living, who would you choose to tour with?

WM: John Lennon.. for sure, hands down. Shannon Hoon- he was great.  He shouldn't have died.

JGIC: Any advice for new bands?

WM: Stop now, man- there's no room! <laughs> It's hard enough for me to try to make it again now.  Every year, the hole gets smaller and smaller for bands bands that can actually squeeze through.. it's way to hard- don't do it. No, I'm sorry..

JGIC: That's terrible advice!

WM: Do it if you love it, don't expect to make money.  Again- you have to love it.  If you love it, people will see that you love it.  Write good songs- don't think that just because you're talented, you're going to make it.  You can be a shitty player and write good songs, and still make it. Keep up with what's going on in modern music- see what people like, and write relatable music- write it easy and simple.  Make it as simple as possible because the every day person doesn't want to think too hard to have a good time- that's why I listen to music- it's to have a good time, to forget about reality.  Don't be too serious! Don't take yourself too seriously!  That's it.

JGIC: How could fans contact you via social media?

WM: Facebook... oh no.. Facebook's dead, eh?

JGIC: Hmm... it's still kinda on?

WM: Nahh... I would say - you can tag me in pictures <laughs>

JGIC: Well, apparently I can't! <laughs>

WM: No, I guess not- not personally- oh you mean personally- okay.  Google my name on Facebook- my name's Billy Marr now, unfortunately.

JGIC: WHY are you "Billy"?

WM: Because it looks better on paper!

JGIC: Oh, Lord, have mercy!  Ok... (to the readers/listeners) I've always heard of this guy as "Will", and now he's "Billy"... (in a really bad Southern, old man accent) Billy!

WM: No one actually calls me that- it just looks like it online... but that's a good thing because then my friends will know what to call me, and everyone else- like you- will just... <laughs> No, that's not cool. <laughs>

JGIC: <laughs>

WM: There's Twitter/ThePostsMusic or

JGIC: Subscribe now!

WM: Yeah, best subscribe, bitch! <laughs>

JGIC: Any shout outs?

WM: Yeah- shout outs to me!  No- how about shout outs to you- Krystal!

JGIC: Yay!

WM: Babe!

JGIC: Well, it's Jersey Girl in Canada..

WM: Oh yeah, shout outs to the Jersey Girl in Canada.

JGIC: Bayum.

WM: Bam.

JGIC: Anyone else?

WM: Uh... she's making some weird thing with her hand, I don't know what she wants me to do right now... <laughs>

JGIC: <laughs>

WM: Yeah- shout outs to my mom, my dad, my bro- family- that's important!

JGIC: Awwww

WM: Shout outs to all my ex girlfriends- sorry.  Sorry I was such a shithead. <laughs> Don't worry- I wrote an entire album about all you guys so now you're all famous.

JGIC: Awww... F-f-f-famous, bitches!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg in his documentary about Walruses and Polar Bears. = Awesome!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Is Suicide Awareness Month: This One's For The Sexual Assault Survivors

Hey readers!

  Welcome to the month of September, which happens to be Suicide Awareness Month.  There are many different triggers for people to just give up on life, most popular is deep depression.  We have recently lost an amazing comic and actor, Robin Williams because he couldn't live with his depression anymore.  The world was heart broken and shocked at the news, as he hid his suffering well.  The scary thing is, this could also apply to someone close to you without you even realizing it.

  Sexual assault has been a frequent topic in my city's newspaper lately, and it pisses me off that these guys are still running around freely, violating women.  I do not know if these violent poor excuses for lives have escaped a psych ward, or what, but I do hope their survivors will be okay, and seek the professional support they need, post-trauma.

   I have heard many sexual assault stories, but recently I spoke to a woman in her late 40's who I see almost on a daily basis who was molested by her step father every day from the time she was a toddler to the time she was 14.  She has been on anti-depressants for years.  You wouldn't expect that from such a vibrant woman who loves to laugh and crack jokes all the time, but people aren't generally putting their hearts on their sleeve with people they barely know.

  The reason why she broke down and opened up to me is that I was talking about this place I learned about this year called Chantel's Place (opened in November 1998), which is a safe haven for sexual assault survivors, (located in 40 hospitals of the Trillium Group of hospitals in Ontario) where they can call in, get tested for STDs, collect evidence for a Sexual Assault Kit (in which the results are on the survivor's medical records), you can get a shower and change of clothes if the assault was fresh (they would take the clothes the survivor was wearing during the assault for the evidence kit, if possible) get counseling at no cost (just bring your health card), and even file a police report.  I heard that one of the locations in my city takes in an average of 1 new patient every 36 hours- and those are only the people who are fortunate enough to find out about this place via a friend, family, crisis center, etc... and these are only the ones who recognize they have been sexually assaulted... most incidents go unreported, which can ultimately result in struggling emotionally throughout life.

  It is never too late to file a report.  Not too many people know this, but 70 years could pass and you could still file a report to the police.  If too much time has passed to collect vital evidence, you can still file a third-party report (anonymously) that would be on the predator's records forever, so if any similar reports have made on that individual, authorities would see the pattern, in turn, increases the chances of charges being laid on that individual.

  Now, if you live in Ontario, you're probably aware that sex offenders would get a max sentence of 10 years (in the worst case scenario), plus any additional charges, if necessary... that's for extreme cases though... to my opinion, no sexual assault case should be undermined, as it's all trauma.  It will all affect you, psychologically.  I'm not a lawyer or a cop or anything, but I think if more sexual assault survivors spoke up, the more the government may see that it's a serious problem and maybe give rapists more than just a slap on the wrist... maybe eventually they could go medieval on them and hang them by the balls while locked up in a tiny, airless prison cell (a girl could dream...).

  Obviously, seeking help sooner than later is ideal.  If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted, please visit the Chantel's Place website for contact information.  You can save yourself, or a loved one the trouble of going though PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), or more specifically RTS (Rape Trauma Syndrome), which are very difficult to live with and can cripple one's ability to live a mentally and emotionally stable life.

  Obviously, sexual assault survivors aren't limited to women- men are just less likely to file a report, or even utter the words, "I was raped" for that matter.  Remember: "No" means "No", regardless of gender.  Please, seek help if you notice things aren't right.

  I just googled images for "Suicide" and the results aren't pretty... if you get freaked out about the fact that a lot of these photos are real, can you imagine how your loved ones would feel if they found you like that??? Is that how you want your loved ones to remember seeing you last?? It's traumatizing.  This world is already super fucked, I know, but it doesn't mean we should needlessly lose a beautiful life, such as yours. You may not feel like you matter to anyone, or that you're worthy of being happy because of your traumatic experiences, or that you can ever trust anyone again, but you really do matter and there are plenty of people out there that are trustworthy.  Please choose life.  Life is an uphill battle as we get older, but the climb to the top is so worth it in the end, and will just make you stronger.  Believe me, you will be pleased that you chose to live.  


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey Everyone: Let's Promote Shitty Music!!

  So many are all about quantity- rather than quality- to the point where I question their values.

  Like... have you noticed how many shitty bands have a huge following- consisting of mainly friends and family- and that makes them look good to venues and events to draw in crowds, even though the venues have better options who actually have talent?? I know it's all business, but you're basically promoting shitty bands as well!! 

  This is the world we live in today... quantity over quality... "He's my friend, so I'll whore out his music, even though I know it's really shitty", is a common thought... like, doesn't anyone have any shame anymore??

  I won't even date a musician unless I think he's legitimately talented (regardless of genre) because otherwise it is embarrassing.  I love music- I support local talent.  I blog for Jamsterdam Radio, which supports indie artists.  I can't honestly date a shit musician and tell everyone, "Hey!  Check out my boyfriend's amazing tunes!"  That would kill any credibility I even have to recommend new music to others... I would never be trusted again.  

  I know this vent may read as a little too intense for the subject, but this is something that has bothered me for YEARS.  I guess since I'm not a musician, I wouldn't understand, but if I were, I'd rather have 5 people in the crowd who actually enjoy my shows, as opposed to 200 people in the crowd who can only enjoy the show if they're grinding their teeth, drunk, or on drugs.  

I dunno... people these days... call me old fashioned, but I say, if you choose quality over quantity, you're making your vote count towards radio stations everywhere eventually playing good music again.