Thursday, April 17, 2014


Jamsterdam Radio is giving their loyal listeners an opportunity to see the return of Belvedere on June 21, 2014 at Rockpile West (Etobicoke) with IVS, We Outspoken, STIGMACHINE and more!

Tune into this week at 6pm sharp to hear the weekly number 1 track. Send the name of the number one artist and track title to The winner of the contest will be contacted by e-mail and announced on twitter. Follow us @JamsterdamRadio 
to see if you win!

You can catch the Jamsterdam top 10 daily at 10am and midnight and tune in for Jamsterdam Weekly airing daily at 6pm.

This week on Jamsterdam Weekly, Jersey Girl In Canada and Kev hit up the Rockpile to interview K-Man and the 45's and IVS. #NewMusic this week is brought to you by Kaiyzer, JD Era, Dreamers and Tracey Adam.

See ya there and good luck!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

HHRS E-Mag First Release

Hip Hop Rap Sheet (HHRS) issues its first release of its highly anticipated e-magazine. Check out HHRS E-Magazine for all the latest on the up and comers in the hip hop industry. For more info on HHRS check out

Catch the in depth interview with Jamsterdam Radio founder Jay Hunt on page 61.

The Come Up - Episode 6

Check out episode 6 of "The Come Up" with Walz El. The Come Up is dedicated to up and coming artists. Guests include Christopher Duff of Inspired Initiatives and musician Shaky Knees, plus Walz Rantz about following your dreams!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jamsterdam Top 10 Countdown: March 31- April 6, 2014

JAMSTERDAM TOP 10- March 31-April 6, 2014! 

#10. "Carrot & Baton"- Kensaye ft. Cage Lu & Artcha

#9. "These Bones (Really Get Around)"- Fab Claxton

#8."ABC Song (Learning The ABC)"- Marson Ramos

#7. "The Test"- Mr. Klutch ft. Mix The Prince

#6. "Tales From a Shanty Town"- Nurtis

#5."My Number"- River Groves

#4. "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"- K-Man and the 45`s

#3. "New World Sympathy" -Slyde

#2. "King Status"- Rachel Marie

#1. "Lock Up When You Leave"- Black Suit Youth

Click "Tune In" at the top of this page this week at 10am EST or midnight EST to find out who took the #1 spot on the Jamsterdam Top 10 countdown!

Want to potentially be part of this list of the top 10 best tunes you've never heard?  Email finished tunes in mp3 format to

Thursday, April 3, 2014

BELVEDERE Rockpile Ticket Giveaway- April 3, 2014!

We still have 3 pairs of tickets to give away to our loyal listeners to see the return of Belvedere on June 21, 2014 at Rockpile West (Etobicoke) with IVS, We Outspoken, and more!
Tune into the Jamsterdam Radio Top 10 Countdown tonight at 12:00am midnight EST- tweet us @JamsterdamRadio the name of the song and artist that takes the #1 spot this week!

First person to tweet the correct answer will score a pair of Belvedere tickets, which you can pick up from a chick in a Jamsterdam t-shirt out front before doors open at 7pm at Rockpile on June 21! 

Good luck!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Local Events in April in the Toronto & Surrounding Areas!

Looking for something to do in the Toronto and surrounding areas?  Check out this list of events going on this month:

Wednesday April 2, 2014

8:30 pmChartreuse Official, Glass Satellite, and Lavender Orange live @The Central, Toronto

8:30 pm- Weekly Open Mic Night, hosted by David O'Hearn @The Bristol, Mississauga

Thursday April 3, 2014

7:00 pm- Hard Rock Rising: The Final Battle feat. TROVE+ The Turks + 8oz Soul @ the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto
8:45 pm- Falite Weekly Open Mic (Hosted by Matt Zaddy) @ Falite's, Mississauga
9:00 pm- Nirvana at Cuchulainn's: A Tribute to Kurt Kobain feat. Dystonia @ Cuchulainn's Irish Pub, Mississauga

9:00 pm- K-Man and the 45's w/ Adam's Mind + Blame it on Brian @ Call The Office, London

Friday April 4, 2014

7:30 pm- St. Catherines Poetry Slam- March ft. KT @ Mahtay Cafe & Lounge, St. Catherines

7:30 pm- Conversation + Bring Me The Author's Kegger Show w/ We're Doomed + Polarity @ Masonic Temple, Oakville

8:00 pm- Hollerado w/ The Junction+ The North + Rival Boys @ Club 108, Mississauga

9:00 pm- Gain Music & For the Scene Showcase presents KC Roberts, Theatre Crisp + Adam's Mind @ the E-Bar, Guelph

Saturday April 5, 2014

All-day- Presence Art Exhibition by Veronica Blanco @ Second Cup (4100 Living Arts Drive), Mississauga

Tuesday April 8, 2014

9:00 pm- Cuchulainn's Weekly Open Mic hosted by Matt Zaddy @ Cuchulainn's Irish Pub, Mississauga

Wednesday April 9, 2014

7:00 pm- The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Trash Talk + Retox + Shining @ The Opera House, Toronto

7:30 pm- Loudness @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto

Friday April 11, 2014

9:00 pm- Elephant Gun w/ Look Here Junior + Three Pound Universe @ The Doors Pub, Hamilton

10:00 pm- #Reminisce @ Club V (Yorkville), Toronto

Saturday April 19, 2014

8:00 pm- Toronto Poetry Slam Finals!  Featuring Joshua Bennett from NYC @ The Royal Cinema, Toronto

Friday April 25, 2014

6:00 pm- Sauga Stars Youth Showcase @ Meadowvale Theatre, Mississauga

7:00 pm- The Sound of Change 10: The Dirty Nil+ Bike Theifs+ Wolf Ticket + Dan Daly+ Denim Skeletons @The Masonic Lodge, Mississauga


Monday, March 31, 2014

Jersey Girl Puts Anne Gus, Writer of "Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men" On Blast

Hey readers!

Gorgeous model/actress Devin Aoki w/husband, Benihana heir,James Baily.
  I was on Facebook a little while ago and noticed an offended Asian friend had posted this blog entitled,  written by some ignorant, attention-seeking, uneducated-sounding excuse for a life named Anne Gus.
"Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men"

   First off, the title of her article speaks for itself.  Whether her blog was a joke or not, it was highly offensive, and she sounds like some (white) chick who is sick and tired of seeing white men that she would probably love to date, running around her city with their Asian girlfriends.  She doesn't like this.  She's jealous with rage.  She expresses how she's such a "strong, beautiful white woman" <insert a big fat ROTFLMFAO here>, yet the fact she went on such a psycho tangent makes her a weak, ugly woman.  She calls Bruce Lee "Bruce Chan" and calls the union between white men and Asian women an epidemic "Yellow Fever", like some kind of sickness, and she spews more than her fair share of racial slurs, ignorant stereotypes, and other stupid remarks that make me believe she's all about getting attention due to how unbelievably stupid she sounds.  Well, Anne Gus, you definitely caught my attention, you ignorant, valley-girl cunt.

  I know that to a certain degree, when dating someone, you have to be at least a little physically-attracted to your partner, whatever they look like, but that's not the only reason why certain people date certain types.  I've met people who don't even categorize themselves as "gay" or "straight"- they just fall for the person.  A lot of successful relationships stem from that attitude, where they don't limit themselves when it comes to who they can possibly fall in love with.  Maybe these white men in Boston that Anne Gus was referring to, just happened to genuinely (I dunno...) like the girls they are with?  Maybe they find it fascinating dating someone of another culture, who also, in turn, may be fascinated by their culture?  Maybe they have a preference for women their friends wouldn't initially confuse as their sisters?  Who knows?  I can't speak for people and their personal preferences.

  Being a half-Asian who has mostly dated white men myself, I never understood this trend either, as I've gone for the guy's personality traits, and common interests, as opposed to the color of his skin, but really, how is it anyone else but the couple's business regarding who they choose to date???  I've heard guys tell me their reasons for liking Asian women, more predominantly the fact "Asian women are tight (in the vagina)"... but unless you've been with ALL Asian women, how the f*** would you know all Asian women are tight??  I've heard a few stories of certain Asian women who had the most disgustingly loose vaginas.  There's that urban legend.   Do more kegals.

  I've also heard other stories/stereotypes about NON- Asian women:
Like an open, empty change purse, this can be your vagina, regardless of ethnicity.

- "They have loose-fitting vaginas"
- "Their labias are long and chewed-up looking, like folded-deli meat"
- "It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway"
- "How (insert non-Asian culture here) women's vaginas smell like rotting fish"

These are unfair judgments, and I guess it's apparently all sex-related....

  FUN FACT:  You CAN have any and all of these problems with the wrong women, REGARDLESS of color/culture.  Same goes for guys: not all white or Asian men have small penises either- from experience (or stories from girl friends who have had experiences) some are VERY well-endowed.  Overly blessed, if you will.  Some guys are just growers, not showers... like those retractable Light Sabers you have when you play Star Wars.  Everyone's crotch area is a Kinder Surprise - you never know what kind of toy you're going to get until you open it.  Basing opinions about others solely on stereotypes isn't fair, and you'll be missing out on getting to know some pretty awesome people that way.

  Did you read the article??  I know bitches like this aren't worthy of the attention they are desperately
seeking by calling attention to their ignorant opinion pieces, but I have been waiting for a white chick to actually publicly announce her ignorant views on non-white (especially Asian) women dating white men.  I have heard a few white girls make remarks about how "white guys should just stick to dating white women", but I've heard more black chicks over the years express how wrong they think it is for "their" black men to date non-black women.

Kinder Surprise: You either get a toy you're happy with, or not.
  From experience dating a maximum total of two black men in my 20-something years (while one was more like a couple of dates), the amount of backlash I've received from some black women, as a Filipina/Spanish woman dating a (mixed or non-mixed) black man was absurd. "You took the last living, breathing, single, intelligent, good-looking, childless, black man away from us" was their victim-mentality, like I single-handedly royally f***ed up ALL these women's chances at ever landing a good black man they can settle down with by my action of dating that ONE.  One of my best friends is a stunningly gorgeous black woman, and even she doesn't agree with their behavior either.  With the attitude of "you can only date your own kind", regardless of one's color, what respectable man (regardless of HIS color) would date such a psycho-possessive bitch with those kind of small-minded, backwards views??  Realistically.  We're supposed to be moving forward from all the closed-mindedness- it's 2014!!!

  This is exactly how I view this Anne Gus individual- her article just makes her sound like a lonely bitch who can't even land a date, limits her taste to her "own kind" (like there are no other guys in the world to date but white guys), and strongly disagrees with the beauty of living in North America, a melting pot where people have the freedom of choice to have relationships with people of different ethnicities, whether it's her, or other people getting into interracial relationships.  She sounds like she has been rejected by one too many white men who ended up settling down with Asian women, that she got fed-up and decided to completely diss Asian women in her blog.  She's clearly bitter and lonely, and certainly a bad representation of white women because I know not all white chicks think like her.

  A joke or not, why only target Asian women??  We're not the only non-whites on this planet that have dated white guys!!  Yes, there are quite a lot of white guy/Asian woman couples sighted... I cannot speak for all Asian women or white guys as to why this is, as everyone has their own reasons to dating who they want.  I have heard a few explain how it's some kind of prize for Asians to score a white man/woman as a partner because it will apparently make their children "more attractive"... but really... I've seen so many different kids- no matter how their blood is mixed, and even pure-bred, that are gorgeous, so this "reason" is invalid.  I really don't have an explanation as to why there are so many Asian women dating white guys...

  All I can say is that if you prefer to date people who look like they can pass as your twin sibling, or someone who cannot possibly be related to you unless adopted, it's ultimately up to you, as long as you're happy.  Whether it's your choice to date someone of a different/similar ethnicity, someone significantly older/younger, taller/shorter than you, etc... it's YOUR choice, your relationship, your life, your happiness.

Conclusion: Anne Gus (again, whether she was joking with her ridiculous blog, or not) has most likely killed her chances of ever finding a good guy after writing that blog, for she sounds like a complete and utter narrow-minded, possessive, intensely insecure moron.